Linda Matalon, ‘Untitled’, 2013, Kadel Willborn

About Linda Matalon

A Post-Minimalist sculptor and illustrator, Linda Matalon is concerned with material process and spatial relationships, employing a sculptural approach to her abstract wax and graphite works on paper in which she builds up and erases their surfaces. Executed on large sheets of paper saturated in wax that retain every mark or scuff, Matalon’s drawings record the process of their own making and evoke psychological mappings. In her series “Middle Falls,” large-scale, luminous drawings depict the 36 abstract sculptures that she made up until 1999. Matalon’s sculptures have been compared to those of Eva Hesse, while her drawings have been likened to those of Joseph Beuys.

American, b. 1958, based in Brooklyn, New York

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