Linda PicosClark, ‘Camino de Plata1’, 2015, ViVO Contemporary

Artist Linda PicosClark has been experimenting with material for decades and has always loved the results from the reflective qualities from metal leaf. While in Mexico and Europe she was struck by the anonymous artists from the Gothic and Baroque periods and their dedication to crafts and ideals. Many utilized metal leaf and plaster. It was probably about fifteen years ago that PicosClark started experimenting with metal leaf and plaster and fell in love with the reflective qualities of the metal and the various textures and absorptions of paint to the plaster. She a more contemporary vision to these materials. The work itself is not entirely about material it is also about our yearning for shiny precious objects, time passage, newness, deterioration and rebuilding.

Signature: signed on the front

About Linda PicosClark

Venezuelan, b. 1958, San Tome, Anzoategui, Venezuela, based in Santa Fe, NM, United States