Linda PicosClark, ‘Entropy 2’, 2014, ViVO Contemporary

The idea of evolving energy, changing of matter is what is conveyed in the Entropy series. L. PicosClark’s work is process driven and adheres to the various stages of entropy, from organized matter to the break down of order. The square white canvas is initially partitioned into a pristine composition, order, from this state it is approached with materials and solvents which are thrown splattered and dragged across the original composition, letting the paint do it’s thing. Several layers of paint are applied letting the chemical reactions and gravitational force become the predominant art maker. Alternating stages from chaos to organizing takes place with each layer revealing the process through the use of glazing and scratching and scraping back layers. The sides of this artwork are painted neutral green, and it is wired and ready to hang.

Signature: signed on front

About Linda PicosClark

Venezuelan, b. 1958, San Tome, Anzoategui, Venezuela, based in Santa Fe, NM, United States