Linda Ridgway, ‘I Know’, 2008-09, Berggruen Gallery

About Linda Ridgway

Linda Ridgway was trained as a printmaker, but has used her knowledge to create delicate sculptures in bronze, steel, silk, and cloth. Her bronze reliefs are based on organic and cultural imagery—such as plants and clothing—but also include text and geometric elements. A recurring theme across her works is repetition, the interplay of positive and negative space, light and cast shadow, and linear forms. Her methods and techniques are intermingled with craft practices, like knitting, weaving, and lace-making. On occasion, Ridgway presents photographs and assemblages. Ridgway relates her practice to the poetry of Robert Frost, which she read as a child, and cites one of her greatest influences as Eva Hesse.

American, b. 1947, Jefferson, Indiana, based in Dallas, Texas