Lindsay Lawson, ‘Sven Svensson’, 2018, Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer

About Lindsay Lawson

Lindsay Lawson works across media, broadly considering the spaces that mediate relationships and the roles objects play as agents of these relations, particularly as online systems continue to transform definitions of the social. Since 2008, the Berlin-based artist has focused on eBay as a site of communication and exchange, honing in on specific objects that mediate correspondences. A fixture of this project has been a three-dimensional printed smiling rock, whose agate bands evoke a rustic smiling face. The project includes videos imagining the spatial dynamics of relationships on the internet, as well as documentation of communications and actual objects. A larger sense of time is at stake for Lawson, as the smiling rock exhibits layers of compressed geological history.

American, b. 1982, Biloxi, Mississippi, based in Berlin, Germany