Lindsey Adelman, ‘Door Open to Doubt’, 2017, Chamber

My piece, called "Door open to Doubt", is based on a quote by Carlo Rovelli, an Italian theoretical physicist noted for his work in quantum gravity theory. He says "the very foundation of science is to keep the door open to doubt." Gravity is a manifestation of the geometry of spacetime. In this piece, I play with these properties to know them more intimately. As humans, we discover and describe our findings, we do not create these laws, they rule us. -Lindsey Adelman.

Image rights: David Brandon Geeting

About Lindsey Adelman

In her studio on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, designer Lindsey Adelman blends organic inspirations, handmade craft, and machine precision. Since 2006, the New York native has focus on hand-blown glass, collaborating with local artisans on pieces like the Bubble Series chandelier, featuring handmade glass globes suspended from brass arms, and the Knotty Bubbles, a tangle of rope, glass, and light inspired by Japanese packaging and maritime culture. Her early experience working with off-the-shelf parts served as the inspiration for her customizable, mix-and-match “You Make It” lighting series. Other pieces include her charming woodchuck pendants, hanging LED lights with colorful stems inspired by glassblowing tools, and darker designs inspired by the idea of nature gone wild—a trait that spills over into her artwork, drawings painstakingly made of human hair.

American, b. 1968, New York, New York, based in New York, New York