Lisa Brice, ‘Untitled XXIX’, 2014, Goodman Gallery

About Lisa Brice

Lisa Brice struggles against painting, producing dark, expressive compositions generated, in part, out of the challenge of what she sees as the medium’s uncertainty. For nearly a decade, she has been concentrating on painting, after previously working in a range of other mediums. As she explains: “Uncertainty is central to painting, and [its] strength, and that’s very much what attracted me back to the medium, ultimately.” Her compositions, too, are uncertain. Primarily centered on the human figure, they oscillate between abstraction and representation. Moodiness and a sense of foreboding pervade her dreamlike vignettes full of lovemaking couples or isolated individuals, who appear both bodily and insubstantial. Brice builds fear and tension into all of her works, in order to charge them emotionally. “It’s about allowing yourself to be taken somewhere emotionally, of experiencing heightened sensation, and abandonment,” she describes.

South African, b. 1968, Cape Town, South Africa, based in Trinidad and London