Lisa M. Robinson, ‘Etching’, 2010, KLOMPCHING GALLERY

With Oceana, Lisa M. Robinson pursues her investigation into ideas of transition and evolution, representing this through a careful consideration of photography’s key elements and the representation of what she calls the “rhythms of natural time”. A key development in her artistic practice is a conceptual and visual shift from representing the subtle human presence of others, to imposing her own presence into the landscape, albeit metaphorically. The resulting photographs exude an ephemeral quality that maintains mystery, are exquisitely rendered and impose both a visceral and physical relationship with the viewer.
“Water and the atmosphere are forever shifting, changing in both subtle and dramatic ways. My challenge with Oceana has been to invoke these concepts of shifting time and space while evoking a more intuitive response to the sea. I am viewing the physical world itself with an understanding of its internal transformations and visible signs of upheaval”.—Lisa M. Robinson.

Her work is represented in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts (Houston), Museum of Photographic Arts (San Diego), Ogden Museum of Southern Art and Fidelity Investments amongst others.

Series: Oceana

Signature: Signed, dated, numbered titled via label.

Image rights: Lisa M. Robinson

Klompching Gallery, April 27 – June 10, 2011.

Direct from the artist.

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