Lisa M. Robinson, ‘Parchment’, 2017, KLOMPCHING GALLERY

Terrestra is seven years in the making, and continues the artist’s deep-seated reverence for the natural landscape. These outstanding new photographs follow in the footsteps of Robinson’s critically acclaimed Snowbound and Oceana series, where she began her conceptual and artistic exploration of the landscape, in relation to the ebb and flow of climatic change and man’s relationship to it.

The series consists of large-scale color photographs, depicting geological specimens in varying forms of abstraction, as well as pulled-back views of desert landscapes, marked by the traces of millennia-old evidence of vast seas and the movement of water.

Series: Terrestra

Signature: Signed, Titled, Numbered, Dated on Verso via Label.

Image rights: Lisa M. Robinson

Klompching Gallery, January 10 – February 24, 2018.

Direct from the Artist.

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