Lisa Walker, ‘necklace’, 2015, Caroline Van Hoek

Pounamu is a preferred material for Lisa Walker born in New Zealand this stone has now acquired a status similar to jade. Lisa Walker is characterised by working with local materials and some of her museum pieces like this one feature sheep, shells or pounamu. This one shows a development in the way Lisa carefully chose to make a closure with crocheted thread and a pounamu piece.

Signature: signed and dated

About Lisa Walker

Contemporary artist, jeweler, and designer Lisa Walker works in a wide range of materials and techniques. Interested in pushing the limits of jewelry design, expanding the definition of “what jewelry means, what it can be,” as she describes, Walker’s pieces are miniature sculptures that just so happen to be in the form of brooches, pendants, necklaces, and the like. Her jewelry is anything but traditional, mixing contemporary design with craft, and her design ideology questions the traditional notion of what it means to be beautiful. Gathering and collecting disparate objects and pieces, Walker constructs whimsical works that explore the relationship of their distinct parts.

New Zealander