Lita Cabellut, ‘Color of Dew 06’, 2015, Opera Gallery

About Lita Cabellut

Lita Cabellut’s monumental portraits combine a reverence for the Old Masters with an interest in advancing formal processes and modes of expression. Cabellut grew up in Spain and was exposed to the paintings of El Greco, Goya, and Diego Velázquez. She was inspired to study in The Hague, where she still lives and works. Process is central to her practice; she fuses techniques such as fresco, collage, and a baroque approach to oil painting. Her expressive deployment of paints remains central to the emotional impact of her portraits, which envelop the viewer with their large scale and often feature famous figures such as David Bowie.

Spanish, b. 1961, Barcelona, Spain, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Solo Shows

Lita Cabellut - Army Of Poets

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Opera Gallery at Contemporary Istanbul 2013
Opera Gallery at Korean International Art Fair (KIAF)