Liu Chuang, ‘BBR1(No.1 of Blossom Bud Restrainer)’, 2015, Leo Xu Projects

Edition of 6 +2 AP

About Liu Chuang

Liu Chuang toys with the boundaries of social practice, pushing them to their limits. A conceptual and performance artist, Liu mines the tension between consensus and individualism through his exploration of the rapidly evolving Chinese landscape. His goal is to uncover the rarely questioned underlying structures of daily life and to expose them as constructions. His 2010 intervention Dance Partners involved two identical cars driving the minimum speed limit in unison along a highway. In their refusal to conform to the standard pace of traffic, the cars introduced a quiet revolt, while their synchronicity symbolized a moment of personal community within the overcrowded, anonymous urban environment.

Chinese, b. 1978, Hubei, China, based in Beijing, China