Liu Ding, ‘Class B’, 2014, Antenna Space

Both Class A and Class B were finished in a “social realist” style. One displays a pile of hefty coal lumps on a black background, the other a white bunch of rose flowers in a white vase against a white-colored setting. These paintings are not diversions of LIU Ding’s practice, but rather they emerge from the desire to examine the tradition of “social realism” again. It is said by the artist that, “The art that has been emptied of meaning in the Culture Revolution is not merely an issue concerning visual appearance. The socialization and politicization of art leaves behind its political baggage and logic in the discourse of art, the historical narrative of art and the art industry. In my view, our contemplation and questioning of these issues is far from enough. By re-appropriating this type of creation and reusing this quasi-socialist-realistic technique in my work, I wish to reflect on the political logic that parasitizes in art and art history during and after the Cultural Revolution. At the same time I hope the two distinct yet conversing paintings could be a message for initiating a meticulous discussion over this kind of ‘political’ logic.”

Image rights: Courtesy of LIU Ding and Antenna Space

LIU Ding: Lake Washington, Antenna Space, Shanghai, 2014

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