Liu Ding, ‘For the Sake of Ten Thousand - Female Hero’, 2014, Antenna Space

This is the prototype of a marble sculpture named “Hero”. The prototype is made strictly according to the methods of Socialist Realism, which was first introduced to China in the 1950s and still makes the most of teaching content in Chinese art schools. It is also the standard method for creating socialist realistic sculptures for propaganda as well as big-scale public monuments. In this method, if you want to make a hero’s sculpture, you have to magnify the head 1.5 times and exaggerate every facial feature to laud the hero’s significance. Also you should turn the head 45 degrees to the right. The artist used the same method to create a hero’s head sculpture, which made clear this ideological production process.

Image rights: Courtesy of LIU Ding and Antenna Space

The 10th Shanghai Biennale: Social Factory, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, 2014

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