Liu Wei 刘韡, ‘Exclusive Max Mara coat from the limited edition capsule collection conceived in collaboration with Liu Wei’, Whitechapel Gallery Benefit Auction 2017

This fabulous coat is part of the limited edition Capsule Collection in collaboration with the artist Liu Wei for Max Mara’s Monopolis! Collection. The topography of real and imaginary metropolises inspires the collection where Italian craftsmanship meets state-of the art technology. This glamorous wrap coat is constructed from a layer of lazer cut alpaca embroidered onto a base of wool and cashmere.The city is a major theme for Liu Wei. His work describes relentless – sometimes disorientating – march of progress, and shines a light on the grittier places behind those slick planes of concrete, gleaming glass and steel. Max Mara is all about the city too: streetsmart, chic and luxurious urban kit that lightens up the downtown experience. After all, the concrete jungle is the only place for a woman on her way to the top. Designed with her in mind, Max Mara + Liu Wei is cosmopolitan, cool, and collectable.

Image rights: Courtesy of Max Mara

Max Mara

About Liu Wei 刘韡

A multitalented member of the emerging generation of Chinese artists, Liu Wei has said he “[doesn’t] begin from a material or a technique […] I have an idea and then think about how to express it.” Working in a wide variety of media, Liu has progressed from witty cultural critiques, including “landscapes” composed of photographed buttocks and a sculpted six-foot turd studded with toy soldiers and electronic components, to evocative installation pieces that comment on urbanization and materialism in a rapidly changing China.

Chinese, b. 1972, Beijing, China, based in Beijing, China