Liu Xiaodong, ‘K.O. (still)’, 2015, Faurschou Foundation

Documentary by Yang Bo, part of "Liu Xiaodong: Painting as Shooting" at Faurschou Foundation Copenhagen, Copenhagen (2016)

"A Diary of an Empty City", Faurschou Foundation Beijing, Beijing, China

About Liu Xiaodong

Liu Xiaodong paints spontaneously from snapshots of friends, family, and everyday life, and is known for his strong brushwork, precise figuration, and rich colors. Early in his career, Liu emphasized scenery and traditional brushwork to create the most realistic realizations of his subjects possible; however, he eventually discarded this practice for cropped framing, unusual perspective, and the use of color to heighten emotion. He is strongly influenced by the paintings of Lucien Freud.

Chinese, b. 1963, Liaoning, China, based in Beijing, China

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Liu Xiaodong: Painting as Shooting, Faurschou Foundation, Nordhavn
Liu Xiaodong: Diary of an Empty City, Faurschou Foundation, Beijing
Liu Xiaodong: Painting as Shooting, Faurschou Foundation, Venice

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Studio, Qiao Space