Lluis Barba, ‘Origin and Consequence’, 2017, Galeria Contrast

This artwork is available printed on canvas.

Series: Numbered series of 7 photographs

Signature: Lluís Barba

Image rights: Lluís Barba

There are parallelisms between the Renaissance culture that Michelangelo manifested in his masterpiece and our contemporary society. The artist of the Sistine Chapel used ‘hidden messages’ to reveal himself to the Pope, evidencing controversies between divinity and power. Pope Julius II and the Vatican state established the Inquisition and the Papal Bulls by granting the right to acquire slaves. The arrogant attitude of the sixteenth century Church
​is still present in the behavior of some politicians such as Putin, Trump and Kim Jong, among others.

We are facing a society that advances technologically at a dizzying pace, but regarding the human rights, there is an important regression at all levels.

Fernando Castro, in his book “​At the moment of danger”​, refers to “...Homeless people are essential in contemporary times because ‘not having a home is the only thing that is guaranteed in the postmodern community’; With their full-featured carts, they embody the symmetric and antagonistic model of yuppie tourist ... “.


About Lluis Barba

Lluis Barba’s epic, digitally manipulated images juxtapose iconic paintings from art history with photographs of modern tourists, celebrities, spectators of varied economic background, and appropriated advertising imagery. They critique the collusion between art, wealth, and glamor, particularly in the context of museum and gallery spaces. “I get elements of a reality out of context in order to put them in another reality,” he has said. “I use irony and implicit messages in the works such as the global integration of our society. I incorporate the bar code tattoo like a symbol of lost identity, alienation, and massive consumerism.”

Spanish, b. 1952