LMDLDZR_ZeeR, ‘Untitled’, 2013, Catherine Ahnell Gallery

Made for Solo Exhibition LeMoDuLeDeZeeR,
Catherine Ahnell Gallery,
NY 2013


A former graphic designer, MEHDI LeMoDuLeDeZeeR—sometimes known simply as “ZeeR”—produces drawings, paintings, sculptures, and public installations. In 2000, LeMoDuLeDeZeeR left behind his career in graphic design for the pursuit of “an optimal mode of expression, a graphic transcendence based on the composition of a single character, through which I could see a window with endless possibilities.” The form he created, le module, has since become the foundational motif in all of his projects—though the artist thinks of it more as a graphic toy. Le Module is also the base in LeMoDuLeDeZeeR’s moniker, the latter part of which, “ZeeR,” stands for Zone Experiméntale d’Expression Relative.

French, b. 1976

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LeMoDuLeDeZeeR Solo Exhibition by LMDLDZR_ZeeR, Catherine Ahnell Gallery, New York

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