Loredana Di Lillo, ‘Cocacola Vision’, 2011, CARDI GALLERY

About Loredana Di Lillo

Loredana di Lillo creates sculptures, paintings, photographs, and collages in the vein of Dadaism to unveil the constructions and ideologies lurking behind social phenomena, language, and images. Tyrant (2013) consists of six framed photographs of found materials, each one forming a letter from the title. The images allude to human forms, sensuality, and violence, suggesting a relationship between hegemonic forces and the body. The Milan-based artist’s sculpture MPDM (Mommy Puffy Daddy Monster) (2013) features an inflatable PVC black rectangle with loose arms and hands. The work’s large size and inert form make it waver between appearing menacing and victimized, and the title highlights this ambivalence, hinting at both the innocence and fears of childhood.

Italian, b. 1979, Bari, Italy, based in Milan, Italy