Lori Hersberger, ‘Today/Tomorrow’, 2003, Koller Auctions

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The Swiss artist Lori Hersberger began his studies in video art and sculpture at the Basel School of Art and Design in 1991. In the 1990s his work was characterised by installations and environments, for which he initially used videos, but in time also employed the most diverse media. His refusal to recognise limits when it comes to technique and medium is what makes Hersberger’s work so characteristic and unique. Since 2000 he has concentrated on abstract painting.

With regard to art-historical currents, he has entirely succeeded in creating his own universe. "For since the beginning of his artistic career, he has ascribed to a kind of perspectivism, which is expressed through the experimental exploration of multiple genres. Lori Herseberger’s art stresses the contrast between the world of illusion and reality, but at the same time alludes to the space that opens up between them. In this sense, his works are both sublime and grotesque." (cit.: www.lorihersger.com)

The present work is a wonderful example of his break with convention within painting. The white canvas is replaced with a mirror; the oil paints partly replaced with spray paints, and the traditional colours replaced with neon colours. With the mirror he succeeds in bringing the art work into the space - making it part of the space, and conversely it also makes us part of the art work.

50.5 x 70 cm (plexiglass frame).

Signature: Signed, dated and titled on the reverse: Lori Hersberger "Today/Tomorrow" 2003.

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