Loris Gréaud, ‘The  Unplayed  Notes  Factory’, 2017, Fondazione Berengo

Image rights: Gréaudstudio

About Loris Gréaud

Trained in a variety of art forms including film and music, conceptual artist Loris Gréaud collaborates with representatives of several disciplines to create installations and sculptures that provide a total sensory experience for the viewer. Gréaud’s work is process-oriented and concerned with perception rather than the notion of a finished product or chosen medium. Among his best-known works are Les Résidents (2) (2005), an invisible structure delineated by air currents, Spirit (2005), a fragrance purporting to be what Mars smells like, and Eye of a Duck (2005), a duck habitat featuring a live duck and background narration by David Lynch.

French, b. 1979, Eaubonne, France, based in Paris, France

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