Los Carpinteros, ‘Clavo Torcido III (Twisted Nail III)’, 2013, Galerie Peter Kilchmann

"Clavos Torcidos (Twisted Nails)" is an installation comprised of large-format nails in the size of human beings. Seemingly twisted and rusty the nails look like they have been extracted from their former purpose and discarded. The motif of "Failure" comes to mind. Bent out of shape, the nails have lost their purpose, when in reality the sculptures have been carefully crafted. The ordinary becomes extraordinary.
The sculptures can be placed indoors or outdoors.

"Clavos Torcidos" es una instalación compuesta por clavos de tamaño humano. De fisionomía torcida y oxidada, parecen haber sido extraídos con brusquedad y descartados de su función habitual. La idea del "Fracaso" viene a la mente. Curveados y fuera de forma, los clavos han perdido por completo su propósito, aún cuando las esculturas han sido cuidadosamente elaboradas. Lo ordinario se vuelve extraordinario. Las esculturas se pueden colocar en el interior o al aire libre.

About Los Carpinteros

Fascinated by the intersection between art and everyday life, Los Carpinteros (The Carpenters) merge architecture, design, drawing, and sculpture in quirky and unpredictable ways. Their carefully crafted constructions advance a humorous visual language of contradiction and transformation—like the utilitarian versus the useless and form versus function. Their drawings and studies, referencing technical drafts and blueprints, mock the early planning stages involved in making art. Los Carpinteros adopted the name for their collective in 1994 to embrace the guild tradition of artisans and skilled laborers.

Cuban, Founded 1991, Camagüey and Caibarién, Las Villas, Cuba, based in Havana, Cuba