Louis Jaque, ‘Les Champs Cosmogenes, Series B No. 6’, 1986, Oeno Gallery

A native of Quebec Louis Jaque was one of the first students to attend the Ecole du Meuble, graduating in 1938. He became a professor at the Institut des Arts Appliques from 1960-73 and was the co-founder and first president of S.A.P.Q. (Societe des Artists Professionels du Quebec). His art career started with his monumental murals and reached cirtical and international acclaim in the 1970s. Jaque has exhibited in Canada, the US, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Japan. A number of private European collectors hold almost the entirety of several of his series and his work is in the permanent collection at the Entremonde in Paris and the Montreal Museum of Fine Art.

About Louis Jaque

Canadian, 1919-2010, Montreal, QC, Canada