Louis Majorelle, ‘"Nénuphars" Desk’, circa 1905, Sotheby's: Important Design
Louis Majorelle, ‘"Nénuphars" Desk’, circa 1905, Sotheby's: Important Design

Sotheby's would like to thank Roselyne Bouvier for her assistance with the cataloguing of this lot.

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About Louis Majorelle

Louis Majorelle, the son of a furniture designer and manufacturer, was a decorator and one of the outstanding furniture designers of the Art Nouveau era. Successful in the production of historical revival furniture in the 1880s, it was not until the 1890s that Majorelle began to create pieces inspired by nature, with fluid lines, graceful inlays of blossoms and branches, and harmonious, custom-made hardware. At the 1900 Paris Exposition Universelle, Majorelle's designs triumphed and became an international sensation. By 1910, the designer had opened salesrooms in Nancy, Paris, Lyon, and Lille. [Source: Jason Jacques]

French, 1859-1926, based in Nancy, France