Lu Yang, ‘LuYang Interactive Hearse’, 2017, Daata Editions

LuYang’s new commission titled LuYang Interactive Hearse links to the artist’s recent work LuYang Delusional Mandala, referencing the Chinese text within the artwork, derived from Buddha's first teaching: 'like everything high will fall down, everything together will separate, all living things will die’. LuYang Interactive Hearse is an artwork of the artists own imagined funeral, a death portrait as a living animation, with the imagined dead artist's face smiling at you on both sides of hearses LED screen, while it moves along its ever-lonely journey. LuYang Interactive Hearse, 2017 by Lu Yang, is a Daata Editions Commission powered by Artune in collaboration with PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai.

PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai 8-10 September 2017

About Lu Yang

Incorporating virtual reality, gaming subcultures, and popular music, Lu Yang creates wildly original and provocative experiences that celebrate the internet and its offer of control over one’s identity, partially liberated from the rigid confines of nationality, gender, and sexuality. Immersive multimedia projects bridge the digital realm and physical space in a way that meaningfully challenges perceptual limitations of online and offline distinctions. The artist vocally refuses to ascribe political meaning to her work, criticizing the fetishization and politicization of contemporary Chinese art with the same colorful defiance typical of the dynamic prints, paintings, sculptures, videos, and spaces she creates. Characterized by the seemingly limitless potential within the artist’s frenetic, expansive imagination, Lu’s work is as saturated with manga and anime influences as it is with religion, neurology, and the human body—interested not in the ends or means, but the pursuit of unexplored territory.

Chinese, b. 1984, Shanghai, based in Shanghai