Luc Leestemaker, ‘Ascension # 30’, 2011, DTR Modern Galleries

Luc Leestemaker Estate

About Luc Leestemaker

The grandson of a royal court painter, Luc Leestemaker began dappling in abstract expressionist painting in his native Netherlands while pursuing other professional activities. Upon moving to the United States in 1990, he devoted himself full-time to painting and developed a more lyrical style that bridged abstraction and realism. He drew inspiration from Mark Rothko and 18th-century Dutch and English landscape painters. On his larger canvases, he uses a fresco technique—treating the ground with a thin layer of cement and mixing in raw pigment powder before working in acrylic paint and finishing the composition with an oil-based varnish—to lend the painting a sense of layering and luminosity. He achieves a similar effect on his smaller “inner landscapes” using a palette knife. Leestemaker says his atmospheric landscapes “express my emotion/intuition of the abstract compositions as well as the universally understood language of landscape painting.”

Dutch-American, 1957-2012, Hilversum, Netherlands, based in Los Angeles, California