Lucas Samaras, ‘Ultra-Large Hand’, 1983, Sotheby's

Executed in 1983, this work is unique.

The Denver Art Museum, Lucas Samaras: Objects and Subjects, 1969-1986, May 1988 - November 1989

Pace/MacGill, New York
Private Collection, New York (acquired from the above in 1987)

About Lucas Samaras

Though he has received acclaim for work in a variety of mediums including film, painting, and sculpture, Lucas Samaras is best known for his photography, particularly his self-portraits. Samaras innovated a technique of hand-manipulating the dyes in Polaroid film to distort the photographic images, sometimes blurring parts of his face with gestural scratches and squiggles or misaligning his body. As the nude figure in the affective, color-saturated series, “Photo-Transformations” (1973-1976), Samaras-as-subject is depicted as being angry, in pain, and at odds with himself.

American, b. 1936, Greece