Lucia Laguna, ‘“Jardim n.20”’, 2014, Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art

About Lucia Laguna

The renowned and prolific Lucia Laguna has only been painting for the past two decades. Laguna, who has a background in language studies, first took painting and art history classes in the mid-1990s, and exhibited for the first time in 1998. Her style is a mix of abstraction and representation, with fragmented-yet-recognizable forms executed in dense flurries of brushstrokes. Laguna is also known for her unusual process: each of her canvases is worked over by assistants in acrylic paint, and then given to Laguna to re-work with oils. Laguna’s subjects are the daily landscapes found in her immediate surroundings: the architecture of urban and suburban Rio de Janeiro, her own studio, and her garden. These are painted in part from observation, in part from the artist’s accumulated memories.

Brazilian, b. 1941