Lucía Pizzani, ‘De la Desconocida del Sena y otras Ofelias - V’, 2013, Oficina #1

About Lucía Pizzani

In conceptually rigorous, formally elegant videos, photographs, prints, and sculptures, Lucía Pizzani is most interested in capturing brief moments and gestures that are loaded with gravity and potential. She explores, in her words, “the notions of fracture, anxiety, and transit in a process guided by action, movement, and transformation of the surface and the body itself.” Her works have been described as vessels for transitory experience. The immateriality of creation is a central theme, as in her prints made with powdered pigment and water, or a video in which the artist attempts to erase a line from her pregnant midsection.

Venezuelan, b. 1975, Caracas, Venezuela, based in New York & London