Lucian Bernhard, ‘Priester Match’, ca. 1903, Omnibus Gallery

Born in Germany in 1883, Lucian Bernhard became one of the great influencers of modern graphic design. During the turn of the century, when posters were ornate, over the top, and wordy - Bernhard was one of the pioneers of simplification.

This poster for Priester Match was his first poster design, completed c.1903 he was only 17. It was revolutionary. He slimmed down the graphic to the necessities: the name of the company, and the product they were advertising. This was startling, powerful, and caught the viewer’s eye instantly with no fluff. This type of imagery became known as “object poster” or Sachplakt. Bernhard played a key role in the development of this movement.

A few years later he took this design and eliminated the match box leaving two matchsticks and only the word Priester. It was stunning and stunned those that had the opportunity to see it. This poster is extremely rare.

The Omnibus Gallery sells vintage, original posters. We do not sell reproductions.

Every poster has been archivally linen backed, cleaned and de-acidified.

Condition: B

Signature: Signed by the artist in stone.

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