Lucie Fontaine, ‘18 years and 2000’, 2012, Sabot

This work has been created during “Estate”, a project developed by Lucie Fontaine and her employees for Marianne Boesky’s upper east side space, a historical townhouse located in New York in which they lived for 2 months, turning it into a real house decorated with more than 100 artworks by more than 70 artists and activated by a series of public events. Among the works displayed was one by Lucio Fontana, consisting of a piece of linen on which the artist made several bullets. Here, Lucie Fontaine replicates Fontana’s act, but, at the same time, she reduces the size and substitutes linen with jersey, a material that is more in tune with her philosophy. The title refers to 1982, a very important year for Lucie Fontaine.

"i-n-v-e-n-t-o-r-y" [SABOT, 2013]
“Estate” [Marianne Boesky, 2012]

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