Lucie Fontaine, ‘Moderna Museet Pink Cut’, 2012, Sabot

This work is part of an ongoing series called “Pink Cuts.” Conceived by Lucie Fontaine as her ‘signature pieces’, these works will continuously and consistently be produced through her career, in strong opposition to her schizophrenic practice – which includes not only artworks, but also written and edited publications, exhibitions displaying works by other artists, workshops and conferences. This one specifically testifies Lucie Fontaine’s sojourn in Stockholm, when she was invited to the Iaspis residency program and consequently exhibited one of her pink cuts within Yoko Ono’s piece Search for the Fountain. Once the exhibition ended and the work was shipped back, Lucie Fontaine decided to keep the original piece, which we cannot see now, within the package made by Moderna Museet. A mythical place for many reasons – Andy Warhol’s first museum show happened there – the museum’s logo, which we can see on the tape wrapping the piece, was actually made by Robert Rauschenberg. Through this act of ‘covering’, Lucie Fontaine paradoxically ‘unveil’ many fundamental issues related to her practice, such as the broader notion of packaging, the relationship with marketing, and with signature and branding within the language of visual art.

Image rights: courtesy of the artist and SABOT

"i-n-v-e-n-t-o-r-y" [SABOT, 2013]
Yoko Ono: "Search for the Fountain" [Moderna Museet, 2012]

About Lucie Fontaine

French, b. 1982, Colmar, France, based in Colmar, France

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