Lucie Fontaine, ‘Pink Cut’, 2013, Sabot

This work is part of an ongoing series called “Pink Cuts.” Conceived by Lucie Fontaine as her ‘signature pieces’, these works will continuously and consistently be produced through her career, in strong opposition to her schizophrenic practice – which includes not only artworks, but also written and edited publications, exhibitions displaying works by other artists, workshops and conferences. At the same time, these artworks can obviously be seen as forgeries of the iconic ‘cuts’ by the late Italian artist Lucio Fontana. Placing herself between homage and critique, Fontaine takes the work of Fontana – the quintessential male artist making artworks by cutting the canvas with a knife – and turns it into something else. In other words, here the cut is not the result of an action, but rather the stage for an action – the sexual penetration –, which is about to happen.

Image rights: courtesy of the artist & SABOT

About Lucie Fontaine

French, b. 1982, Colmar, France, based in Colmar, France

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