Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer, ‘Floral Platter’, circa 1895, Heritage Auctions
Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer, ‘Floral Platter’, circa 1895, Heritage Auctions

Property from the Jason Jacques Collection

Condition Report: Observed under UV light with possible hairline crack stalization to one corner, scuff mark to another corner, missing flakes to the foot, presents well.

Signature: Painted signature to underside: CM/ Golfe-Jaun (AM)/ L Levy

Image rights: Courtesy of Heritage Auctions

Cass, Claire. "Clément Massier: Master of Iridescence" (New York: Jason Jacques Gallery Press, 2007), pp. 21-22.

About Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer

Best known today as a Symbolist painter, Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer made an unforgettable impact on France's ceramics revolution through his work with Clément Massier in Golfe-Juan between 1887 and 1895. The two men worked together on innovative shapes, the rediscovery of luster glazes, and the use of luster glazes with etching to bring about fantastically complex effects. Lévy-Dhurmer's decorations were influenced by the prevailing fervor for Japanese, Islamic, and other Near Eastern ceramics but, a Symbolist at heart, he often rejected realism in favor of mysticism and spirituality. His unique contribution was his ability to produce shapes and patterns that seem to shimmer with life, while suggesting deeper meanings. [Source: Jason Jacques]

French, 1865-1953