Lucien Samaha, ‘Mid-Flight Back Rub FCO-JFK’, 1982  (printed 2013)
, Jane Lombard Gallery

About Lucien Samaha

Claiming, “Ever since I started photographing in the early 1970s, my favorite subjects were the people close to me,” Lucien Samaha travels the world, shooting in color and black-and-white, film and digital, capturing flight attendants, drag queens, and clubbers, as well as the streets of war-ravaged Lebanon and weathered billboards in Cairo. He has amassed a vast store of images, thanks, in part, to a varied career as a flight attendant, Kodak representative, and DJ, with photography always at its heart. While at Kodak, he was assigned to the team that launched the first digital camera, placing him at the center of the technological revolution of his medium, with which he remains enamored. In his words: “First, with camera in hand, there is no effort, no fatigue, no insufficient light, just pure wonder and joy at a visual feast […].”

Lebanese, b. 1958, Beirut, Lebanon

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