Lucrecia Troncoso, ‘Untitled (lighthearted is the ligh)’, 2011, David Richard Gallery

About Lucrecia Troncoso

In her installations, Argentine artist Lucrecia Troncoso makes sculpture from pure color, whether raw bolts of fabric or draped expanses of painted paper. The Santa Fe, New Mexico-based artist works with everyday materials, exploring their intrinsic qualities and amplifying their evocative power. “I am not interested so much in which shapes can color make, but in the shape of a color itself, so I apply it indiscriminately without really knowing what will it become or when will it end,” Troncoso has said. “I don’t mix or combine many different colors in a work. As a material, one is enough.” These poetic, three-dimensional monochromes have drawn comparisons to Ellsworth Kelly, Anne Truitt, and Eva Hesse.

Argentine, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico

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