Lucy McKenzie, ‘Alhambra Motifs II’, 2013, Galerie Buchholz

About Lucy McKenzie

Scottish painter Lucy McKenzie examines utopian ideas of the past and symbols of power in works based on 20th-century avant-garde painting, poster design, graphic logos, and elements from architectural design. For Depeche Mode Night (1999), McKenzie painted a concert poster over an anonymous abstract painting; and in a series of paintings illustrating the ceremonies of the 1980 and 1984 Olympics held in Moscow and L.A., which were respectively boycotted by the U.S. and the Soviet Union, McKenzie points to nostalgia for Cold War ideology. “For me painting is a means to an end, and my use of it changes frequently,” she has said. In other work, she has created scale models of iconic architectural structures, such as the Villa Muller in Prague, and replicated and synthesized existing architectural design elements. In 2008 McKenzie launched Atelier E.B. with the designers Beca Lipscombe and Bernie Reid, a company that works on fashion and design projects. She is also a curator and the founder of a record label.

British, b. 1977, Glasgow, United Kingdom, based in Brussels, Belgium