Luis E. Gomez Armenteros, ‘esta no es mi intencion’, 2014, BAM Art Auction 2014

Estimate $2,000. Cuban artist Luis Gomez is a sculptor, illustrator, photographer, videographer, and teacher. An influential member of the ’90s Cuban art scene, Gomez is predominantly concerned with the ideas behind the creation of a piece rather than its execution. A sizeable portion of Gomez’s oeuvre is marked by mandalas, spirals, and recurring symbols, like those seen in esta no es mi intencion.

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist

About Luis E. Gomez Armenteros

Among a vanguard of contemporary Cuban artists to emerge in the early 1990s, Luis Gómez explores our place in the universe, and how our experiences and perceptions shape our values, behavior, and interpersonal and global power dynamics. Producing evocative sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs, and videos, Gómez trained as a sculptor, sharpening his sense of how our surroundings influence us, physically and psychologically. This, combined with his emphasis on ideas over the work of art itself, led him to develop immersive, mixed-media installations and experimental, semi-abstract videos and photographs, through which he exposes the thin line between perception and prejudices, especially in the history of art and its social and economic milieus. In the video, Coartada (Be There), Gómez overlays references to Europe onto images of his Havana home, breaking down long-held hierarchies to create parity between them.

Cuban , b. 1968