Luis Pons, ‘Illusion Collection Dresser Champagne’, 2013, The NWBLK

Pons’s dresser appears at a glance to be floating shelves. His designs speak to what he calls “a deeper story about society and culture...what we collectively believe about beauty, about our pursuit of it and about the excess that has resulted from this pursuit.”

Mirrors are essential component of the magic of optical illusion. The Illusion Collection, originally created for a single client to explore the theme of mystery, uses mirrors to reveal the beauty of picture frame moldings while creating the illusion of floating trays or open drawers. The rich textures of the moldings face the mirror, doubling the size and beauty of the pieces, while the unfinished backs face the user. As in the Frame Collection, the moldings are once more used as handles.

Manufacturer: LPDL

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