Luis Roldán, ‘1973’, 2017, Henrique Faria | Buenos Aires

About Luis Roldán

Luis Roldán is a multimedia artist who makes both drawing and installations using a variety of disparate mediums, including cardboard, model trains, soil, horse manure, and fabric; his sculptural installations and his drawings sometimes differ in style but have in common their geometric abstraction and fragmentation. Roldán’s drawings frequently include representational elements as well, such as in his 2010 “Other Voices” (2010), in which details of a horse and horseman are sometimes visible. This series reveals the particular influence of modernist abstraction on Roldán’s work, as well as the work of Mexican artist Martin Ramírez. His works have also referenced Greek mythology and the writings of Marcel Proust.

Colombian, b. 1955, Cali - Valle del Cauca, Colombia