Luis Tomasello, ‘Atmosphere Chromoplastique N.556’, 1083, The Mayor Gallery

Signature: Signed, titled and dated on the reverse

Francine Rheims (1990)

About Luis Tomasello

Luis Tomasello, who moved to Paris in the 1950s, is best known for his white-on-white abstract geometric constructions that rely on light to create form and image. Tomasello was keenly interested in cinetism, particularly the use of existing light to create the illusion of movement through shifting light and shadow. His works, that he called “Atmosphères chromoplastiques,” were included in many national and international exhibitions, including the “La Lumière et le Mouvement” (“Light and Movement”) (1967), which was considered a groundbreaking show for Op Art.

Argentine, 1915-2014, La Plata, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina