Luke Fowler, ‘Pleasure of Your Company’, 2009, Serpentine Galleries

About Luke Fowler

A central figure in Glasgow’s art scene, Luke Fowler produces experimental films that eschew linear narrative and other hallmarks of documentary filmmaking in favor of a collaged aesthetic. Fowler organizes interviews with mostly countercultural subjects so that they are out of synch, imbuing them with atmosphere and splicing them with impressionistic sound and imagery. His best-known work Pilgrimage between Scattered Points (2006) takes an ambivalent position toward its subject: Cornelius Cardew, the avant-garde composer and founder of the Scratch Orchestra, an experimental ensemble of professional and amateur musicians. “The film tries to engage in a conversation with the audience,” Fowler says. “It poses questions. I make films for people who are prepared to enter into a deeper relationship with the film and its subject.” His film The Nine Monads of David Bell (2006) delves into the psyche of David Bell, a patient of the rebel psychiatrist R. D. Laing, and includes re-enactments of dreams, as well as audio and imagery, that conjure psychological states.

British, b. 1978, Glasgow, United Kingdom, based in Glasgow, United Kingdom

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