Luke Gilford, ‘Movies- Untitled Portrait I ’, Milk Gallery

About Luke Gilford

Luke Gilford cites Hollywood and the power of celebrity as his primary objects of inspiration. A photographer, filmmaker, and installation artist based in Los Angeles, Gilford is best known for his high-fashion collaborations, such as the videos and ad campaigns he has created for brands like Maison Martin Margiela and Prada. Though the artist ultimately prefers photography for its ability to economically convey ideas, he turned to making videos out of a desire to work in a more collaborative manner. While the tone of his work varies according to project, sexuality consistently occupies a major role in his images and serves as a reliable access point. He has previously compared sex and art, noting that the central goal of sex is to forge a connection and that he seeks to forge a connection with the viewer through his art.

American, b. 1986, based in Los Angeles, California