Luo Mingjun, ‘One, two, three, cheese!’, 2010-2011, Pékin Fine Arts

About Luo Mingjun

Luo Mingjun’s works in oil, acrylic, and ink quietly and delicately explore alienation, the haziness of memory, and the passage of time. “They are [subjects] I use everyday, things that are autobiographical,” she says. “They may be too abstract on a cultural level, but quite concrete in life.” Luo stains her canvases, drips ink and paint, and uses free brushstrokes to imbue her representational works—fleeting, cinematic images of people and places—with a blurred and hazy quality, and as such both a visual and metaphorical indeterminacy.

Chinese-Swiss, b. 1963, Nanchong, China, based in Switzerland