Lutz & Guggisberg, ‘Orlando Furioso’, 2018, Collezione Maramotti

Image rights: © Lutz & Guggisberg, Ph. Nadine Kägi

About Lutz & Guggisberg

Since 1996, collaborators Andres Lutz and Anders Guggisberg have created their own world through interconnected works in a variety of mediums, including installation, sculpture, video, and painting. Calling to mind the famous Swiss partnership of Peter Fischli and David Weiss, the Swiss pair creates work with a wry sense of humor that hint at something darker beneath. Wordplay and self-consciously retro allusions are often found in their work, in pieces like Bibliothek (2000-), a growing library of over 2,000 fake books, and Fünfminutenhaus (Five Minute House), a collection of modernist furniture swiftly assembled from Styrofoam. Their interventions are open-ended, with the interpretation left ambiguous. “Our work is just like an offer to the people who come to see it,” Lutz has said.

Swiss, 1968 and 1966, Wettingen, Switzerland and Biel, Switzerland, based in Zurich, Switzerland

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