Lutz Bacher, ‘Angry Bird’, 2016, Galerie Buchholz

About Lutz Bacher

Lutz Bacher creates humorous interventions and installations from fragmentary photographs, texts, and videos that highlight society’s complicated relationship with images. A female artist who has been operating under a male pseudonym since the 1970s, Bacher uncovers ambiguous social codes and rules, questioning constructed identities by building art from cultural detritus and imperfect objects. Her oeuvre is disparate, making it difficult to parse a common thread; “Jokes” (1987–88) is a series of lewd or punny speech bubbles overlaid on images of celebrities or politicians, while the “Do You Love Me” (1994/2008–9) videos feature Bacher’s friends and gallerists being interviewed about Bacher as both a person and an artist. Her work explores issues of identity through a mix of personal and pop-cultural artifacts, and is marked by a subtle, tactful humor.

American, Berkeley, California, based in New York, New York