Lydia Bauman, ‘Winter Monochrome’, 2015, Flat Space Art

This piece has been on loan to a large institution. We are thrilled and honoured to now be able to share this collectable gem with you. Lydia is a well acclaimed artist. She has exhibited extensively around the world. Some of these include the Contemporary Art Fair in London, the International Contemporary Art Fair in Los Angeles. She has been written about in many publications. Her works are displayed in many well known places including Gordon Ramsay's restaurants. She has an M.A in history of Art from the well renowned Courtauld Institute of Art. She is an art reviewer for BBC radio external services. Lydia Bauman is a landscape painter, whose interest lies not in narrative, but in form defined by light. She is inspired by motifs as contrasting as the cultivated landscapes of the Mediterranean and the deserts of north Africa and Australia. Her images, of scale ranging from 12″ x 12″ to 60″ x 60″, work both on a figurative and abstract level, with the surface of the panels characterised by varied marks and textures achieved by a complex mixed media technique combining plaster, resin, wax, sand, acrylic texture gels and pigments. This was developed in her search for visual equivalents of the particular character of each landscape – to evoke the genius loci of each place. `Winter Monochrome has been on loan, a first opportunity to invest in this beautiful collectable piece. Lydia embraces the wonderful winter Yorkshire panoramic view. This beautiful scenic is dreamy, cloud like, a landscape blanketed in crisp white snow. Monochrome tufts of grass peek through the ice-cream shaped like whippy white snow caps. It draws you into a fairy tale land. Lydia transports you into a world of country living, what it would be like to live like a squire, "a castle is a man's home"surrounded by his many acres of land that are resting serenely recharging ready for Spring. This is a wonderful relaxing serene collectable piece perfect for an art appreciator.

About Lydia Bauman