Lynette Cook, ‘Left Hanging’, 2014, Andra Norris Gallery

Series: 'Shadows and Silhouettes' series realist paintings

Signature: Signed front, paint. Verso ink

Image rights: Artist copyright 2014

Exhibited: ARTSVSF Silicon Valley / San Francisco International Art Fair in 2015

Lynette Cook’s shadow-centric urban scenes — executed using exceptional concentration, patience, and skill — pay homage and provide clues to the individual lives of those who inhabit San Francisco’s Chinatown and neighboring communities. Yet the life-like acrylic paintings — capturing light as it dramatically moves across this unique environment with its utility poles, balconies, stairs, and laundry hanging out to dry — also represent that which is universal in human experience and connects people on a basic level.

With meticulous detail and color strategically placed, the commonplace is celebrated and rises to the extraordinary, in this important series that was exhibited at California’s Morris Graves Museum in May of 2016. In the same year the artist was awarded the prestigious Pollock Krasner Foundation honorary grant.

Beautifully framed in a 37 x 25 inches contemporary museum quality warm grey hardwood floater frame. The canvas is 36 x 24 inches. Warm tones with green.


About Lynette Cook

American, based in California.

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