Maarten Vrolijk, ‘Sakura TRP16017’, 2016, Rademakers Gallery

Work in collection: (selection)

-Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Interior textiles, wallpaper, porcelain, glass, carpets,, paintings, drawings and sketches, furniture, toys

and pluche dolls, bed-textiles.

-Nederlands Textiel Museum Tilburg, The Netherlands

Interior textiles, hand-painted textiles, wallpaper, material- and form studies, porselain, glass, pattern

designs and drawings, art-installations, mirrors, bed-textiles, bath -textiles, , toys and pluche dolls,

knitted fabrics, imitation leather fabrics collection, mood-collages, brochures and POS.

-Groninger Museum, The Netherlands

Carpets, interior textiles, porselain, glass.

-Rijksdienst Beeldende Kunst, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Interior textiles, carpets, porselain, glass.

-Museum Arnhem, The Netherlands

Porselain “Florinda”- collection for Rosenthal A.G., Selb, Germany

-Museum fur Angewandte Kunst, Keulen, Germany

Interior textiles for De Ploeg stoffen, Bergeyk, The Netherlands

-Museum of Modern Art, New York, U.S.A.

Installation “Oranje Boven” for Maarten Vrolijk Editions, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(mirror and carpet)

-Cooper Hewitt Museum New York, U.S.A.

Interior textiles for De Ploeg stoffen, Bergeyk, The Netherlands.

-Glas Museum Leerdam, The Netherlands

Glass collection “Arum” for Royal Leerdam Cristal

-Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Custom made carpet designs for Embassy of the Netherlands in Europe, Afrika and Asia.

About Maarten Vrolijk

Dutch, b. 1966, Oss, Netherlands, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands