Macyn Bolt, ‘EPMT (2)’, 2008, IdeelArt
Macyn Bolt, ‘EPMT (2)’, 2008, IdeelArt

This painting is part of a series called EPMT which are made on wooden panels, the surface and color are built up using palette knives that creates a rather smooth surface. Subtle shifts of tonalities and surface incident from the knives used provide their unique character.

This work is about subtle shifts within a shallow space. The interaction of different values of white within the structured environment speaks with a quiet voice. The minimal points of yellow line create a spark that offsets their nearly silent surroundings.

The meditative character reveals itself over time and requires attentive viewing. It makes a demand of the viewer, yet ultimately initiate a certain calm spirit.

About Macyn Bolt

American, b. 1954, based in New York City, NY, United States

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DM Contemporary, 
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